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Blocking of traffic at the UBC network border - News / Security - EOAS Help Desk

Nov 22 2016

Blocking of traffic at the UBC network border

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November 23rd, UBC will begin blocking incoming network traffic from off campus for a range of network services.


This change will not impact email, web, SFTP, or the Department’s ownCloud service.


The majority of the services that will be blocked are no longer in use or were considered insecure for some time. One example of a service that will be blocked from off campus is print.


In this example, if you were printing from home to a printer here on campus in your office, after tomorrow’s change you will no longer be able to print directly to your office printer from home unless you establish a secure connection using UBC’s myDNS service and your account is configured for access.


A detailed article has been posted at the EOAS Help Desk knowledge base, this article is available to anyone who has already migrated, you can find this article by searching for "ports blocked at the UBC border"

If you require an exemption, for example if you are working with an external government institution that requires access to on campus resources using a service such as Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), and you have not already contacted EOAS IT or UBC IT – contact us NOW, otherwise your connection may be interrupted.


If you have any questions or concerns, please submit a request through the portal, or if you have migrated, you can email the EOAS IT Help Desk at

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